Dashboard Reporting with Excel

Want to make a custom dashboard in Excel ?
Export your data directly onto our models from your software ?

These dashboards have the capacities you need, such as filtering by region, department, etc.

Want to import data into an Excel dashbaord ? (Data automatically imported and represented in graphic form)

Want to highlight your company’s perfomance ? (Key Performance Indicator – KPI)

The dashboard should be seen a management tool available to help a manager or team, make the right decisions. In other words to do best, to achieve specific strategic objectives. such as steering the developments and effectiveness of a particular system, leading a team, developing collective thinking and organizing, so as to make best use of available resources.

We build the control panels that you want from start to finish, using Excel, or develop them from your own models. Our solutions are, of course, fully tailored to your needs, and harmonise with your company logo and colours, etc.

Below are some examples of dashboards we have created.



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