Developing professional Excel tools

Want to change your Excel templates and improve your management tools ?

Want to create applications customized to meet your business management needs ?

Contact-us ! We are experts in Excel and we develop complete templates and Excel tools for your management teams.

We provide flexible professional and sustainable solutions, that take advantage of Excel’s fantastic capacity for storage and customization.

Thanks to our experience in business management we can create the Excel tools you need to easily manage and monitor your company’s operations.

The steps for achieving your Excel tool solutions

To start creating your Excel tools, we meet with you to define : their objectives, their architecture (organization of data) and their content.

We then draw up a detailed specification and follow this through to achieve a tailored Excel management and analysis tool for your business.

Management and analysis tools developed with Excel

  • Excel Reporting
  • Budget tracking, expense management
  • Dashboards (purchasing, sales, etc.)
  • Analysis of sales targets
  • Analysis of surveys
  • Holiday planning and management
  • CRM
  • Production monitoring and statistics
  • Excel Database
  • Data analysis programs
  • Statistics: capture, sorting, processing
  • Complete portfolio management
  • Real estate management tools
  • Timesheets
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Management of employe’s hours
  • Complex calculation models
  • Adaptation of existing models
  • Excel report survey
  • and many other models …



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