Our mission: create your Excel tools for your management

Founded in 2006, Infogestion is a Swiss company specializing in creating custom management tools on Excel.
Accountants / controllers with 15 years of experience develop your templates spreadsheets in Excel.

Our experience in business management combined with our specialist Excel consultant in development allow us to create Excel spreadsheets totally personalized, secure and efficient.

Well-built Excel tools save you time !

With our Excel skills, Infogestion brought you the architecture of your Excel models professional and you save time.

You avoid double entry and possible mistakes. In addition, the data for analysis are presented clearly and spoken.

We Provide technical assistance

Our support develop and progress your Excel spreadsheets as needed.

Available and efficient, we improve your management tools and we answer all your questions.

Bring greater visibility to the financial management of the company

Our activity of business management consulting business is to analyze your situation and organize procedures and analysis tools tailored to your company.

Using friendly tools and custom developed, you can easily compare, analyze and forecast the evolution of the financial situation of your company.



  • info-rs@infogestion.ch
  • 0848 711 266


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